Minimize inventory loss

Our smart scale seemlessly attaches to prep-tables & eliminates inaccurate portions.


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How it Works

Make every gram count.

Real-time feedback
Our smart weighing scale attaches to food pans of preparation tables, where it prevents inventory loss by ensuring the envisioned recipe of the Chef.

Cutting-edge food analytics

Save time and money when portioniong your inventory. Control the scales directly from our app, and customize it to your needs.

ML food analytics

Save time and money by predicting demand more efficiently. Our app helps forecast preparation quantities for specific days, and resupply quantities for the coming weeks!

Food waste tracking

By minimizing 'spoilage' and 'food not served', your restaurant can become more profitable and contribute to a sustainable future. Win more by helping the environment!
Food Waste

Sustainable cooking

By preventing spoilage & unnecessary disposal, you can help your planet more than you think! Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

% of inventory that doesn't reach 4-10%
% of avoidable food waste 32%
Cumulative financial loss $7.14 Billion
Volume of Food loss (Metric Tonne) 1.44 Million


Customizable to your needs and kitchen size.

Single Single

To get a price estimate, please contact our Sales team

Appropriate for small restaurants with less than 5 employees.

  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Control it from our app
  • Real-time feedback of portion accuracy
Multiple Multiple

To get a price estimate, please contact our Sales team

Appropriate for restaurants that have managers and more than 5 employees.

  • Previous benefits
  • Multiple profiles in our app
  • POS integration to keep your data in one place
Premium Premium+

To get a price estimate, please contact our Sales team

The best plan for kitchens looking to capitalize on all of our benefits and features.

  • All the previous benefits
  • Personalized analytics
  • Future upgrades and more benefits
Icon Restaurants

For established kitchens with specific needs and internal teams. Estimate your pricing.


Price per month. Includes an owner and managers.

  • POS integration to manage your data in one place
  • Augmented forecasting when resupplying and prepping
  • Internal team management

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Coming soon



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